Curriculum and Assessment

We understand that there are state-based differences in the way curricula or syllabuses are organised and student
achievements assessed, and take these into account when we work with educators around Australia.

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Interpreting & implementing curriculum

Our work includes support for:

  • unpacking the curriculum and connecting it to topics
  • school-based course plans across years or bands, developed from a particular curriculum or syllabus
  • developing teaching sequences related to specific strands, topics and applications
  • designing learning activities that incorporate modelling, problem-solving, computational thinking, experimentation, simulation or investigation.


Our work includes support for:

  • interpreting data, setting targets with corresponding strategies and professional learning
  • designing and developing assessment programs to complement curriculum implementation
  • constructing different types of formative and summative assessment tasks
  • developing school-based assessment for senior secondary
  • analysis of school and system performance using local, state, national and international assessment data and reports.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can work with you.
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